Double Smoked Pecan Spiral Cut Ham

December 15, 2020
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Step 1

Get the ham removed from any package and place it on top of a cooling rack. This will help us move things easier so keep that in check. 

As the name suggests, the ham is already cooked, so we are going to be doing a second grill to take it to the next level. 

Here's something really interesting. Instead of throwing away the glaze packet that came with the ham, we'll be using it to make an awesome ham glaze. 

Step 2

Now let's start preparing the ham with oil and spices rubs. Gently coat an even layer of olive oil over the meat. This will help the spice rub adhere over the meat easily. 

For this recipe, we are going to use a Heath Riles BBQ Pecan Rub. It's a good blend of select spices perfect for this recipe. 

Pat the Pecan Rub generously on every side to make sure you get it in all the small part of the ham. You dont want to miss anything, so don't be afraid to put a lot on there.

Step 3

Once the ham is all rubbed down, it's time to hit the grill. We'll be using a Traeger grill with pecan wood pellets. Alternatively, you could use any smoker of your choice, whatever works best for you. We're just using the Traegar because its simple and really works for what we are trying to do.

The temperature should be around 300°F (149°C) inside the grill. Once the grill hits that mark, place the ham inside. 

Use a chef alarm set to about 140°F (60°C). Insert the probe inside the meat to get an accurate reading. 

Step 4

While the grill does it's magic, let's prepare a pineapple ham glaze. The recipe is really simple and we would use the glaze packet that came with the ham from Cheshire Farms. 

This is two ingredient glaze and them being some Pineapple topping used in desserts and the glaze packet. 

Take a pot and add both of the ingredients. Set the pot on a medium flame and let the mix melt into a beautiful glaze. 

Step 5

Once the temperature hits 140°F (60°C) inside the meat, place it on a clean surface. Our beautiful double smoked ham is ready to be glazed. 

Pour the pineapple glaze over the ham and use a clean brush to coat it evenly all around. The shiny smoked ham with an incredible aroma will urge you to dive in. 

But before you do so, just let the ham back in the grill for about 20 minutes. This will help the glaze set and attain a good smoky flavor on top of the sweet pineapple. 

Step 6

Slice and dive in ! 

This is one of the best holiday meals you could prepare on a grill. Not so complicated yet so good. 

The sweetness of the pineapple glaze combined with the savory pecan rub creates such an awesome experience. The pecan wood provides the perfect complement to the pecan rub. 

Double Pecan Smoked Cheshire Spiral Cut Ham | Pellet Grill

We cooked a Double Pecan Spiral Cut Ham from Cheshire Farms on the Traegar Pellet Grill using some of our signature rubs. We used Pecan pellets in our Traegar Grill and our Pecan Rub to top it all off.
Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 1 hr 30 mins
Resting Time 30 mins
Total Time 2 hrs 30 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Ham
Servings 4 people



  • Get Traeger up to 300º, we used Pecan Pellets for this cook.
  • Remove ham from package, keep glaze packet, you will use this for the ham glaze.
  • Apply a thin layer of olive oil to the ham.
  • Coat with Heath Riles BBQ Pecan Rub.
  • Put ham on the Traeger Grill (or any smoker / pellet grill) until it reaches 140º.
  • Once ham reaches 140º, mix the jar of pineapple topping and the glaze packet together and melt on the stove (or grill).
  • Coat ham well with glaze and put back on the grill for 20 minutes to set the glaze.



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